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 ・ "A Corpus-Based Study of Word-initial h- in Late Modern and Present-Day English from the Perspective of Phonological Weakness"
 ・ "The Reasons and Factors David Beckham Has Corrected His Cockney Accent"
 ・ "Suffixes for Demonyms: The History and Causations of Demonymic Diversity in English"
 ・ "The Linguistic Attitude of English toward Borrowings: Focusing on Borrowings from Italian and Spanish"
 ・ "Semantic Changes of Adjectives 'Kind' and 'Gentle': Similarities and Differences of How the Two Adjectives Have Acquired the Meaning of 'Tender'"
 ・ "Analysis of Expansion of Meaning in Blue: Focused on Cultural Background of Color Blue"
 ・ "The Development of Gender-Neutral Language: A Corpus-Based Study on Chairman and Chairperson"
 ・ "A Comparison of Words in Picture Books between the 19th Century and 20th Century: Focusing on Adjectives"
 ・ "Female Names in the 19th Century: The Characteristics of Female Names Derived from Male Names"
 ・ "Naming 'Pokémon' from the Perspective of the Three-layered Axiom of English History"
 ・ "The Study of Relationship between Rastafarianism and Jamaican English"
 ・ "The Chronological Change in the Language Use of Hispanic: Analysis on Broadway Musicals"
 ・ "Rhetorical Features and Analysis of Obama's 'A More Perfect Union' Speech"

 近年の大学生の関心のありかが学界の潮流とも連動していることが興味深いところだと思っています.とりわけ標準英語以外の変種への関心,広く World Englishes への関心が高まってきているようです.題目内に "Jamaican English", "Hispanic", "Cockney" といったキーワードを見つけることができます.また,今年度のゼミでたまたま意味変化に焦点を当ててきたこともあり,意味変化の話題もよく見られました.
 過年度の卒業論文の題目についてはこちらの記事セットあるいは sotsuron をご覧ください.これからこの分野で卒論テーマを書こうとしている方にも,きっと参考になると思います.khelf (= Keio History of the English Language Forum) にも参考になる関連情報があります.

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