#4659. ソシュールによる言語学の3つの目標[linguistics][history_of_linguistics][saussure]


 壮大なタイトルの記事を掲げてしまったが,これはあくまで壮大な言語学者である Saussure (1857--1913) の言葉 (6) .昨日も引用した The Routledge Linguistics Encyclopedia (3rd ed.) からの孫引き,しかも英訳で失礼するが,次の通り (xxxvii) .

1. to describe all known languages and record their history (this involves tracing the history of language families and, as far as possible, reconstructing the parent languages of each family);
2. to determine the forces operating permanently and universally in all languages, and to formulate general laws which account for all particular linguistic phenomena historically attested;
3. to delimit and define linguistic itself.


 ・ Saussure, F. de. Course in General Linguistics. Trans. W. Baskin. London: Fontana/Collins, 1983. (First edition published 1916).
 ・ Malmkjær, Kirsten, ed. The Routledge Linguistics Encyclopedia. 3rd ed. London and New York: Routledge, 2010.

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