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 分野別に整理された書誌を専門家が定期的にアップデートしつつ紹介してくれる Oxford Bibliographies より,"History of the English Language" の項目を参照してみた(すべてを読むにはサブスクライブが必要).主に英語の統語論の歴史を研究している Ans van Kemenade と Bettelou Los による選で,最新の更新は2019年7月11日となっている.  *

The study of the history of the English language has a long and rich tradition, starting with a range of editions of important Old and Middle English texts in the middle of the 19th century, many of which are still available as reprints from the early English Text Society . . . . The linguistic study of the history of English took off in the 20th century with a range of traditional grammars usually concerned with the phonology and morphology of Old and Middle English and a further range of detailed studies of the language of particular texts and of particular dialects areas. Since the 1970s and in the wake of the development of functionalist and formalist models of language structure, language use, and diachronic change, the various historical stages of English and the diachronic changes in the domains of phonology, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics have also become a favorite playground of historical linguists. The study of these aspects has been greatly enhanced by the recent boost of computerized corpora, including text corpora as well as corpora enriched with various types of linguistic information. The history of English in all its breadth has thus become a field of study that draws both on rich documentation and on linguistic and methodological sophistication.

 新年に英語史を学び始めたい方,あるいはさらに学び続けたい方は,英語史学習・研究のための一般的書誌として,ぜひ「#4358. 英語史概説書等の書誌(2021年度版)」 ([2021-04-02-1]),「#4557. 「英語史への招待:入門書10選」」 ([2021-10-18-1]) をご参照ください.後者については Voicy ラジオ版の「対談 英語史の入門書」も聴いてみてください.意欲がわいてくると思います.

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