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 今年度も慶應義塾大学文学部英米文学専攻より卒業論文が13件提出され,卒業論文面接も無事に終了しました.以前は各年度の卒論題目一覧を本ブログの sotsuron 記事に掲載していましたが,ここ数年間は掲げていなかったので,今回は2018--2020年度の3年分の卒論題目34件を一気に示したいと思います.その趣旨は,続くゼミ生の卒論執筆に参考となるように,そして最近の学生の関心を示すためです.非常に緩くはありますが分野別に並べてみました.

 ・ A Phonological Relationship between the Northern Dialect of Middle English and Old Norse --- Was 'qual' Pronounced /kwal/?
 ・ The Analysis of Development of Rhoticity in Scottish English
 ・ Difference in the Usage of Onomatopoetic Terms in English and Japanese: Through the Comparison of Onomatopoeia Related to the Act of Laughing and Smiling
 ・ The Details of the Great Vowel Shift on the History of English Language --- The Great Vowel Shift's Power on the History of English Language
 ・ Original Reference and Native Etymological Spellings in Ad-Words: Comparison of Their First Attestation Dates
 ・ On the Use of <you> and <ye> in Proverbs --- Focusing on Proverbs Derived from the Bible
 ・ The Contemporary Flat Adverb in Written American English: Approaching the Real Use
 ・ On the Minority Use of Subjunctive Should in the United States --- The Reason Why the American Still Use Should in the Subjunctive Clause
 ・ An Analysis of Preparatory Subject it Constructions and Top-Heavy Sentences
 ・ The History of Perfect Construction: What Factors Have Influenced the Transition from BE PERFECT to HAVE PERFECT?
 ・ The Difference between Suffix -er and -or: The Aspect of Meaning
 ・ Semantic Intensification Derived from Human Psychological Aspects: Negativity and Abnormality Evoke Impressiveness
 ・ Color Metaphors Representing Mental States in English: Semantic Analysis of Color Terms
 ・ A Comparison of Adjectives of Taste between English and Japanese --- Antonymous Taste System Based on Collocation Analysis
 ・ Analysis of Differences in Recognition of Kawaii among Native Speakers of English
 ・ The Changes in the Reactions to American English in the Early Stage of Hollywood Talkie Films
 ・ The Relationship of Gender, Character and Social Power: Consideration from the Movies of Harry Potter Series
 ・ The Analysis of The Times Headlines: A Historical Study from the Early Days to the Present
 ・ The Difference of the Verb Expressions between Male-Named and Female-Named Hurricanes --- Alternative of the Traditional Reference to Hurricanes with Female Pronouns
 ・ Disappearing Trench: The Effect of War on the Language
 ・ A Study of the Feature of Mixed Languages based on Pidgins, Code-Switching, and Senkyoshigo
 ・ The Role and Status of English in India: Analysis on Indian Movies
 ・ An Effect of Eye Dialect in Literary Works --- Cockney in Plays and Musicals
 ・ The Linguistic Difference between Korean Language and English from Translation Perspective
 ・ Attempts to the Overcoming of Imperialism from the Point of View of Emoji and Pictogram Use
 ・ The Distribution of Celtic Elements of Place-Names in England
 ・ What's Business English? Consideration from Comparison of BtoB and BtoC and the ESP
 ・ Trump's Accommodation Affects Hispanics at the Television Debate
 ・ What are Some Meanings of "SHITHOLE" Donald Trump Said
 ・ A Comparison between President Obama's Speech and President Trump's Speech
 ・ Standardization of Written Language and Changes in Language Awareness: A Historical Comparison of English and Japanese
 ・ Looking Back on the Transition in English Textbooks with the Japanese History of English Education: Qualitative Analysis on English Textbooks
 ・ To Seek Principled Explanations: An Historical Study on Autonomous Linguistics
 ・ Influence of Language on Thought and its Cultural Differences


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