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 昨日の記事に続き,ローマン・ブリテンの言語状況について.Durkin (58) は,ローマ時代のガリアの言語状況と比較しながら,この問題を考察している.

One tantalizing comparison is with Roman Gaul. It is generally thought that under the Empire the linguistic situation was broadly similar in Gaul, with Latin the language of an urbanized elite and Gaulish remaining the language in general use in the population at large. Like Britain, Gaul was subject to Germanic invasions, and northern Gaul eventually took on a new name from its Frankish conquerors. However, France emerged as a Romance-speaking country, with a language that is Latin-derived in grammar and overwhelmingly also in lexis. One possible explanation for the very different outcomes in the two former provinces is that urban life may have remained in much better shape in Gaul than in Britain; Gaul had been Roman for longer than Britain, and urban life was probably much more developed and on a larger scale, and may have proved more resilient when facing economic and political vicissitudes. In Gaul the Franks probably took over at least some functioning urban centres where an existing Latin-speaking elite formed the basis for the future administration of the territory; this, combined with the importance and prestige of Latin as the language of the western Church, probably led ultimately to the emergence of a Romance-speaking nation. In Britain the existing population, whether speaking Latin or Celtic, probably held very little prestige in the eyes of the Anglo-Saxon incomers, and this may have been a key factor in determining that England became a Germanic-speaking territory: the Anglo-Saxons may simply not have had enough incentive to adopt the language(s) of these people.

 つまり,ローマ帝国の影響が長続きしなかったブリテン島においては,ラテン語の存在感はさほど著しくなく,先住のケルト人も,後に渡来してきたゲルマン人も,大きな言語的影響を被ることはなかったし,ましてやラテン語へ言語交代 (language_shift) することもなかった.しかし,ガリアにおいては,ローマ帝国の影響が長続きし,ラテン語(そしてロマンス語)との言語接触も持続したために,最終的に基層のケルト語も後発のフランク語も,ラテン語に呑み込まれるようにして消滅していくことになった,というわけだ.
 この両地域の社会言語学的な状況の差は,回り回って英語とフランス語におけるケルト借用語の質・量の差にも影響を与えている.これについては,Durkin による「#3753. 英仏語におけるケルト借用語の比較・対照」 ([2019-08-06-1]) を参照されたい.

 ・ Durkin, Philip. Borrowed Words: A History of Loanwords in English. Oxford: OUP, 2014.

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