#3642. 英語史のすゝめ (2) --- 英語史は教養的な学問領域[hel_education]


 昨日の記事 ([2019-04-16-1]) に引き続き,新年度に英語史をちょっと覗いてみよう(あるいは本格的に研究してみよう)という人のために,英語史が教養の学であることを改めて力説したいと思います.Heyes and Burkette は,2017年に編んだ英語史教育に関する本の序論で,英語史 (HEL = the history of the English language) が教養的な学問領域であり,人文的な知を統合した総合学であることを繰り返し指摘しています.まずは,次の引用から.

HEL course, especially in English departments, are often outliers in course catalogs. Yet they tacitly reside at the center of professional conversation about "English Studies" that emphasize the role of praxis and the potential for political engagement in academic course. For the very reasons that HEL demands much of its instructors and students, it epitomizes the intellectual dynamism and integrated knowledge that have been identified among the humanities' most compelling assets in twenty-first-century university curricula. (2)

 また,日本人の英語史研究者 Haruko Momma などを引き合いに出して,英語史という領域を次のように評価しています.

Speaking to HEL's difference from other English department courses, Haruko Momma judges it an "intellectual advantage" that HEL "has never been subject to the compartmentalization that has affected the rest of the discipline." Momma's observation addresses HEL's chronological scope as well as its interdisciplinary reach. Over the course of a single semester, a HEL course may incorporate material from history, geography, lexicography, philology, literature, grammar, and linguistics, the last of which includes the subfields of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics. As Michael Adams has observed, in HEL "many elements of a liberal education converge." (3)

 キーフレーズを拾えば,"intellectual dynamism", "integrated knowledge", "intellectual advantage", "never . . . subject to the compartmentalization", "many elements of a liberal education" となり,英語史がいかに教養的,人文的,学際的な領域であるかを力説していることがわかります.

 ・ Heyes, Mary and Allison Burkette. "Introduction." Chapter 1 of Approaches to Teaching the History of the English Language: Pedagogy in Practice. Ed. Mary Heyes and Allison Burkette. Oxford: OUP, 2017. 1--10.

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