#3544. 英語辞書史の略年表[dictionary][lexicography][timeline][cawdrey][webster][johnson][mulcaster][oed]


 Dixon (242--44) より,英語に関する辞書史の略年表を掲げる.あくまで主要な辞書 (dictionary) や用語集 (glossary) に絞ってあるので注意.とりわけ18世紀以降には,ここで挙げられていない多数の辞書が出版されたことに留意されたい.それぞれのエントリーは特に記載のないかぎり単言語辞書を指しており,出版年は初版の年を表わす.

c725Corpus Glossary. Latin to Latin, Old English, and Old French.
c1000Aelfric's glossary. Latin to Old English.
1499Anonymous. Promptorium Parvalorum [ms version in 1430]. English to Latin.
1500Anonymous. Hortus Vocabularum [ms version in 1440]. Latin to English.
1535Ambrogio Calepino. Dictionarium Latinae Linguae. Monolingual Latin.
1538Thomas Elyot. Dictionary. Latin to English.
1552Richard Huloet. Abecedarium Anglo-Latinum. English to Latin.
1565Thomas Cooper. Thesaurus Linguae Romanae & Britannicae. Latin to English.
1573John Baret. An Alvearie or Triple Dictionarie. English, Latin, and French.
1582Richard Mulcaster. Elementarie. [List of English words with no definitions.]
1587Thomas Thomas. Dictionarium. Latin to English.
1596Edmund Coote. The English Schoole-maister.
1604Robert Cawdrey. A Table Alphabeticall.
1613Academia della Crusca. Vocabulario. Monolingual Italian.
1616John Bullokar. An English Expositor.
1623Henry Cockeram. The English Dictionarie.
1656Thomas Blount. Glossographia.
1658Edward Phillips. The New World of English Words.
1676Elisha Coles. An English Dictionary.
1694Académie française. Dictionnaire. Monolingual French.
1702John Kersey. A New English Dictionary.
1721Nathan Bailey. A Universal Etymological English Dictionary.
1730Nathan Bailey. Dictionarium Britannicum.
1749Benjamin Martin. Lingua Britannica Reformata.
1753John Wesley. The Complete English Dictionary.
1755Samuel Johnson. Dictionary.
1765John Baskerville. A Vocabulary, or Pocket Dictionary.
1773William Kenrick. A New Dictionary of English.
1775John Ash. The New and Complete Dictionary.
1798Samuel Johnson, Junr. A School Dictionary.
1828Noah Webster. American Dictionary.
1830Joseph Emerson Worcester. Comprehensive Dictionary.
1835--7Charles Richardson. A New Dictionary of the English Language.
1847--50John Ogilvie. The Imperial Dictionary.
1872Chambers's English Dictionary. Robert Chambers and William Chambers.
1888--1928Oxford English Dictionary. James A. H. Murray et al.
1889--91The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. William Dwight Whitney.
1893--5A Standard Dictionary. Isaac K. Funk. [Later known as Funk and Wagnalls.]
1898Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. [No editor stated.]
1898Austral English. Edward E. Morris.
1909Webster's New International Dictionary. William Torey Harris and F. Sturgis Allen.
1911The Concise Oxford English Dictionary of Current English. H. W. Fowler and F. G. Fowler.
1927The New Century Dictionary. H. G. Emery and K. G. Brewster.
1933The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary. C. T. Onions.
1935The New Method English Dictionary. Michael West and James Endicott.
1938--44A Dictionary of American English. William A. Craigie and James R. Hulbert.
1947The American College Dictionary. Clarence Barnhart.
1948The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. As. S. Hornby.
1951A Dictionary of Americanisms. Mitford M. Mathews.
1965The Penguin English Dictionary. George N. Garmonsway.
1966The Random House Dictionary Unabridged. Jess Stein.
1969The American Heritage Dictionary. Anne H. Soukhanov.
1971Encyclopedic World Dictionary. Patrick Hanks.
1978Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Paul Proctor.
1979Collins English Dictionary. Patrick Hanks.
1981The Macquarie Dictionary. Arthur Delbridge
1987COBUILD English Dictionary. John Sinclair.
1988The Australian National Dictionary. W. S. Ramson.
1995The Oxford English Reference Dictionary. Judy Pearsall and Bill Trumble.
1999The Australian Oxford Dictionary. Bruce Moore.

 ・ Dixon, R. M. W. The Unmasking of English Dictionaries. Cambridge: CUP, 2018.

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