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  International Phonetic Association (国際音声学協会)という組織と,それが生み出した学術遺産である International Phonetic Alphabet (国際音標文字)について,「#822. IPA の略史」 ([2011-07-28-1]) や「#251. IPAのチャート」 ([2010-01-03-1]) などで取り上げてきた(協会も文字もともに IPA と略記されるので注意).
  この組織について,2つの英語学辞典よりで説明書きを引用しておこう.まず,Crystal (251) の説明から.

International Phonetic Association (IPA) An organization founded in 1886 by a group of European phoneticians (Paul Passy (1859--1940) and others) to promote the study of phonetics. In 1889 it published the International Phonetic Alphabet (also IPA) which, in modified and expanded form, is today the most widely used system for transcribing the sounds of a language . . . .

 次に,McArthur (525--26) からさらに詳細な説明を挙げよう.

INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ASSOCIATION, short form IPA. An association that seeks to promote the science of phonetics and its practical applications. It was founded in 1886 in France under the English name The Phonetic Teachers' Association, by a group of language teachers who used phonetic theory and transcription in their work. The journal Dhi Fonètik Titcer started in France in the same year, edited by Paul Passy and printed in English in a phonetic script; its name was changed in 1889 to Le Maître phonétique. At first, the Association was concerned mainly with phonetics applied to teaching English, but interest expanded with the membership to the phonetic study of all languages. It acquired its present name in 1897. Although the Association played an important part in the European movement for the reform of language teaching in the late 19c, it is now best known for its regularly revised alphabet. In addition to such occasional publications as Differences between Spoken and Written Language (Daniel Jones, 1948) and The Principles of the International Phonetic Association (Daniel Jones, 1949), which includes ample transcription of large number of languages, the Association publishes The Journal of the IPA, which evolved from Le Maître phonétique.


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