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 449年,Hengest と Horsa というジュート人の兄弟がブリトン人を助けるためにイングランドに渡り,その後むしろイングランドを征服してしまうという事件が起こった.このくだりは,The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle に詳しいが,以下では古英語初学者向けに改編された Smith (158--59) より,関連する古英語[2018-05-31-1]原文箇所を引用する.年代記の449年,455年,457年の記述より抜粋したものである.現代英語訳も付いているので,古英語読解の学習にもどうぞ.(別の関連する記述は「#389. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes の故地と移住先」 ([2010-05-21-1]) および「#2900. 449年,アングロサクソン人によるブリテン島侵略」 ([2017-04-05-1]) を参照.)

Anno 449. Hēr Martiānus and Valentīnus onfēngon rice, and rīcsodon seofon winter. And on hiera dagum Hengest and Horsa, fram Wyrtgeorne gelaþode, Bretta cyninge, gesōton Bretene on þǣm stede þe is genemned Ypwinesflēot, ǣrest Brettum tō fultume, ac hīe eft on hīe fuhton. Se cyning hēt hīe feohtan ongēan Peohtas; and hīe swā dydon, and sīge hæfdon swā hwǣr swā hīe cōmon. Hīe þā sendon tō Angle, and hēton him sendan māran fultum. Þā sendon hīe him māran fultum. Þā cōmon þā menn of þrim mǣgþum Germānie: of Ealdseaxum, of Englum, of Iotum.

455. Hēr Hengest and Horsa fuhton wiþ Wyrtgeorne þǣm cyninge in þǣre stōwe þe is genemned Æglesþrep; and his brōþor Horsan man ofslōg. And æfter þǣm Hengest fēng tō rīce, and Æsc his sunu.

457. Hēr Hengest and Æsc fuhton wiþ Brettas in þǣre stōwe þe is genemned Crecganford, and þǣr ofslōgon fēower þūsend wera. Þā forlēton þā Brettas Centland, and mid micle ege flugon tō Lundenbyrig.

Anno 449. In this year [lit. here] Martianus and Valentinus succeeded to [lit. received] kingship, and ruled seven years. And in their days Hengest and Horsa, invited by Vortigern, king of [the] Britons, came to Britain at the place which is called Ebbsfeet, first as a help to [the] Britons, but they afterwards fought against them. The king commanded them to fight against [the] Picts; and they did so, and had victory wherever they came. Then they sent to Angeln, and told them to send more help. They then sent to them more help. Then the men came from three tribes in Germany: from [the] Old Saxons, from [the] Angles, from [the] Jutes.

455. In this year Hengest and Horsa fought against Vortigern the king in the place which is called Aylesford; and his brother Horsa was slain [lit. one slew his brother Horsa]. And after that Hengest and Æsc his son succeeded to kingship [lit. Hengest succeeded to kingship, and Æsc his son].

457. In this year Hengest and Æsc fought against [the] Britons in the place which is called Crayford, and there slew four thousand men [lit. of men]. The Britons then abandoned Kent, and with great fear fled to London.

 Hengest と Horsa のブリテン島侵攻については,anglo-saxon の記事のほか,とりわけ以下を参照.

 ・ 「#33. ジュート人の名誉のために」 ([2009-05-31-1])
 ・ 「#389. Angles, Saxons, and Jutes の故地と移住先」 ([2010-05-21-1])
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 ・ 「#3113. アングロサクソン人は本当にイングランドを素早く征服したのか?」 ([2017-11-04-1]) を参照.

 ・ Smith, Jeremy J. Essentials of Early English. 2nd ed. London: Routledge, 2005.

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