#3202. 英語歴史語用論における有望な分野[pragmatics][historical_pragmatics][speech_act][discourse_analysis][corpus]


 英語歴史語用論の第1人者である Jucker が,ハンドブックの1節で,この分野において前途が明るいと考える話題を3つ挙げている.発話行為 (speech_act) の歴史的変化,対話 (dialogue) の形式の発展,談話の領域の発展である.研究課題を選ぶ際の参考となるよう,関連する箇所を引用しておきたい.

At present, three areas of research appear to be particularly promising. First, the research on the history of speech act has only just started to attract more than just occasional research efforts. . . .
   Second, the research of the evolution of forms of dialogue is still in its infancy. . . . Culpeper and Kytö (2010: 2) [= Culpeper, Jonathan and Merja Kytö:. Early Modern English Dialogues: Spoken Interaction as Writing. Cambridge: CUP, 2010.] ask: "what was the spoken face-to-face interaction of past periods like?" in a systematic way and approach this question from various angles. In particular they look at the structure of conversations, at what they call "pragmatic noise", i.e. pragmatic interjections or discourse markers, and social roles and gender in interaction.
   And third, the evolution of domains of discourse appears to be a very promising field of research. The existing work on courtroom discourse, the discourse of science and news discourse needs to be continued, and other domains should be tackled.

 特に今世紀に入ってから,英語歴史語用論の研究を念頭においた,あるいはその目的で利用できるコーパスの編纂も多く行なわれるようになってきた.例えば,Corpora of Early English Correspondence (CEEC), Corpus of Early English Medical Writing (CEEM), Corpus of English Dialogues 1560-1760 (CED), Corpus of English Religious Prose (COERP), Old Bailey Corpus (OBC), The Corpus of Early English Recipes (CoER) などを挙げておこう.ほかにも Corpus Resource Database (CoRD) を探索されたい.

 ・ Jucker, Andreas H. "Linguistic Levels: Pragmatics and Discourse." Chapter 13 of English Historical Linguistics: An International Handbook. 2 vols. Ed. Alexander Bergs and Laurel J. Brinton. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2012. 197--212.

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