#3197. 初期近代英語期の主要な出来事の年表[timeline][history][emode][chronology][monarch][caxton][reformation][book_of_common_prayer][bible][renaissance][shakespeare][johnson]


 Algeo and Pyles の英語史年表シリーズの第3弾は初期近代英語期 (153--55) .著者らは初期近代英語期を1500--1800年として区切っていることに注意.「#3193. 古英語期の主要な出来事の年表」 ([2018-01-23-1]) と「#3196. 中英語期の主要な出来事の年表」 ([2018-01-26-1]) も参照.

1476William Caxton brought printing to England, thus both serving and promoting a growing body of literate persons. Before that time, literacy was confined to the clergy and a handful of others. Within the next two centuries, most of the gentry and merchants became literate, as well as half the yeomen and some of the husbandmen.
1485Henry Tudor ascended the throne, ending the civil strife called the War of the Roses and introducing 118 years of the Tudor dynasty, which oversaw vast changes in England.
1497John Cabot went on a voyage of exploration for a Northwest Passage to China, in which he discovered Nova Scotia and so foreshadowed English territorial expansion overseas.
1534The Act of Supremacy established Henry VIII as "Supreme Head of the Church of England," and thus officially put civil authority above Church authority in England.
1549The first Book of Common Prayer was adopted and became an influence on English literary style.
1558At the age of 25, Elizabeth I became queen of England and, as a woman with a Renaissance education and a skill for leadership, began a forty-five-year reign that promoted statecraft, literature, science, exploration, and commerce.
1577--80Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe, the first Englishman to do so, and participated in the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, removing an obstacle to English expansion overseas.
1590--1611William Shakespeare wrote the bulk of his plays, from Henry VI to The Tempest.
1600The East India Company was chartered to promote trade with Asia, leading eventually to the establishment of the British Raj in India.
1604Robert Cawdrey published the first English dictionary, A Table Alphabeticall.
1607Jamestown, Virginia, was established as the first permanent English settlement in America.
1611The Authorized or King James Version of the Bible was produced by a committee of scholars and became, with the Prayer Book and the works of Shakespeare, one of the major examples of and influences on English literary style.
1619The first African slaves in North America arrived in Virginia.
1642--48The English Civil War or Puritan Revolution overthrew the monarchy and resulted in the beheading of King Charles I in 1649 and the establishment of a military dictatorship called the Commonwealth and (under Oliver Cromwell) the Protectorate, which lasted until the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660.
1660The Royal Society was founded as the first English organization devoted to the promotion of scientific knowledge and research.
1670The Hudson's Bay Company was chartered for promoting trade and settlement in Canada.
ca. 1680The political parties---Whigs (named perhaps from a Scots term for 'horse drivers' but used for supporters of reform and parliamentary power) and Tories (named from an Irish term for 'outlaws' but used for supporters of conservatism and royal authority), both terms being originally contemptuous---became political forces, thus introducing party politics as a central factor in government.
1688The Glorious Revolution was a bloodless coup in which members of Parliament invited the Dutch prince William of Orange and his wife, Mary (daughter of the reigning English king, James II), to assume the English throne, resulting in the establishment of Parliament's power over that of the monarchy.
1702The first daily newspaper was published in London, followed by an extension of such publications throughout England and the expansion of the influence of the press in disseminating information and forming public opinion.
1719Daniel Defoe published Robinson Crusoe, sometimes identified as the first modern novel in English, although the evolution of the genre was gradual and other works have a claim to that title.
1755Samuels Johnson published his Dictionary of the English Language, a model of comprehensive dictionaries of English
1775--83The American Revolution resulted in the foundation of the first independent nation of English speakers outside the British Isles. Large numbers of British loyalists left the former American colonies for Canada and Nova Scotia, introducing a large number of new English speakers there.
1788The English first settled Australia near modern Sydney.


 ・ Algeo, John, and Thomas Pyles. The Origins and Development of the English Language. 5th ed. Thomson Wadsworth, 2005.

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