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 「#3193. 古英語期の主要な出来事の年表」 ([2018-01-23-1]) に引き続き,中英語期の主要な出来事の年表を,Algeo and Pyles (123--24) に拠って示したい,

1066The Normans conquered England, replacing the native English nobility with Anglo-Normans and introducing Norman French as the language of government in England.
1204King John lost Normandy to the French, beginning the loosening of ties between England and the Continent.
1258King Henry III was forced by his barons to accept the Provisions of Oxford, which established a Privy Council to oversee the administration of the government, beginning the growth of the English constitution and parliament.
1337The Hundred Years' War with France began and lasted until 1453, promoting English nationalism
1348--50The Black Death killed an estimated one-third of England's population, and continued to plague the country for much of the rest of the century
1362The Statute of Pleadings was enacted, requiring all court proceedings to be conducted in English.
1381The Peasants' Revolt led by Wat Tyler was the first rebellion of working-class people against their exploitation; although it failed in most of its immediate aims, it marks the beginning of popular protest.
1384John Wycliffe died, having promoted the first complete translation of scripture into the English language (the Wycliffite Bible).
1400Geoffrey Chaucer died, having produced a highly influential body of English poetry.
1476William Caxton, the first English printer, established his press at Westminster, thus beginning the widespread dissemination of English literature and the stabilization of the written standard.
1485Henry Tudor became king of England, ending thirty years of civil strife and initiating the Tudor dynasty.


 ・ Algeo, John, and Thomas Pyles. The Origins and Development of the English Language. 5th ed. Thomson Wadsworth, 2005.

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