#2945. 間違えやすい同音異綴語のペア[homonymy][homophony][lexicology]


 現代英語には,多くの同音異綴(語) (homophony) のペアがある.異なる語であるとはいえ意味も互いに似ているものが多く,しばしば学習しにくい.以下は,Crystal (81) より持ってきたものだが,いずれも(ほぼ)同音異綴語を含む例文である.各組において,どちらが文脈上・文法上適切な語か指摘できるだろうか.解答はソースHTMLを参照.

 (1a) Did they all accept/except?
 (1b) Everyone accept/except John left?

 (2a) Did we prophecy/prophesy the right result?
 (2b) It was a rotten prophecy/prophesy.

 (3a) Has he made any allusions/illusions to the problem?
 (3b) He's under no allusions/illusions about its difficulty

 (4a) I want to amend/emend what I wrote.
 (4b) I want to amend/emend my ways.

 (5a) She was born/borne through the crowds.
 (5b) She was born/borne in 1568.

 (6a) That will complement/compliment your shirt nicely.
 (6b) Thank you for your complement/compliment.

 (7a) Someone's complained to the council/counsel.
 (7b) You should take some council/counsel about that.

 (8a) You need a new licence/license for that hamster.
 (8b) I'll licence/license it next week.

 (9a) Look at that fantastic lightning/lightening.
 (9b) I think the sky's lightning/lightening now.

 (10a) I need some more stationary/stationery.
 (10b) That car's stationary/stationery.

 (11a) I'm the principle/principal speaker.
 (11b) I'm going to stick to my principles/principals.

 (12a) I'm going to do some sowing/sewing in the sitting room.
 (12b) I'm going to do some sowing/sewing in the long field.

 関連して,「#286. homonymy, homophony, homography, polysemy」 ([2010-02-07-1]),「#2097. 表語文字,同音異綴,綴字発音」 ([2015-01-23-1]),「#2432. Bolinger の視覚的形態素」 ([2015-12-24-1]) を参照.

 ・ Crystal, David. The English Language. 2nd ed. London: Penguin, 2002.

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