#2910. 月名の由来[etymology][calendar][latin][greek][month]


 「#2890. 3月,March,弥生」 ([2017-03-26-1]),「#2896. 4月,April,卯月」 ([2017-04-01-1]) で月名の由来について紹介したが,英語の月名について,12ヶ月分の由来をざっと確認しておこう.以下は,Judge (91) の囲み記事からの引用.

January: Dedicated to Janus --- god of gates, doors and beginnings and endings
February: Comes from februarius mensis --- month of purification --- for the Roman feast of purification held at that time.
March: Dedicated Mars --- Roman god of war. In the ancient Roman calendar (up until 46 BCE) the year began in March, with the spring equinox.
April: Dedicated to the Roman goddess Venus --- Aphrodite in Greek.
May: From Maia, an earth goddess whose name derives from Indo-European megha --- Great One (this is the same origin for English mega-).
June: In honor of the Roman goddess Juno.
July: Originally called Quintilis (fifth month) but change when dedicated to Julius Caesar because he was born in this month.
August: Named after Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor.
September: Means the seventh month of the year --- in the ancient calendar which started in March.
October, November and December mean the eighth, ninth and tenth months.

 Septemberseven の音韻形態的に関係については,「#352. ラテン語 /s/ とギリシャ語 /h/ の対応」 ([2010-04-14-1]) を参照.

 ・ Judge, Gary. The Timeline History of the English Language. Yokohama: Cogno Graphica, 2010.

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