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 AAVE の起源について,Creolist Hypothesis と Anglicist Hypothesis が鋭く対立している経緯に関して,「#1885. AAVE の文法的特徴と起源を巡る問題」 ([2014-06-25-1]) で紹介し,その前後で関連する以下の記事も書いてきた

 ・ 「#1886. AAVE の分岐仮説」 ([2014-06-26-1])
 ・ 「#1850. AAVE における動詞現在形の -s」 ([2014-05-21-1])
 ・ 「#1841. AAVE の起源と founder principle」 ([2014-05-12-1])

 Tagliamonte (9) より,両仮説を巡る論争について要領よくまとめている箇所があったので,引用し,補足としたい.

Among the varieties of English that arose from the colonial southern United States is that spoken by the contemporary descendants of the African populations --- often referred to as African American Vernacular English or by its abbreviation AAVE. This variety is quite distinct from Standard North American English. One of the most vexed questions of modern North American sociolinguistics is why this is the case. Early African American slaves would have acquired their variety of English either en route to the United States or more likely on the plantations and homesteads of the American South. But it is necessary to determine the nature of the varieties to which they were exposed. The fact that AAVE is so different has often been traced to the dialects from Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. However, they have as often been traced to African and Caribbean creoles. There is a long history of overly simplistic dichotomies on this issue which can be summarized as follows: (1) a 'creole origins hypothesis', based on linguistic parallels between AAVE and Caribbean creoles; (2) an 'English dialect hypothesis', based on linguistic parallels with the Irish and British dialects spoken by early plantation staff. In reality, the answer probably lies somewhere in between. Many arguments prevail based on one line of evidence or another. Perhaps the most damning is the lack of evidence of which populations were where and under what circumstances. / The debate over the origins of AAVE still rages on with no consensus in sight . . . .


 ・ Tagliamonte, Sali A. Roots of English: Exploring the History of Dialects. Cambridge: CUP, 2013.

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