#2630. 規範主義を英語史(記述)に統合することについて[prescriptivism][historiography][medium][writing][language_change]


 Curzan による Fixing English: Prescriptivism and Language History を読んでいる.これは,英語の規範主義 (prescriptivism) の歴史についての総合的な著書だが,新たな英語史のありかたを提案する野心的な提言としても読める.
 従来の英語史記述では,規範主義は18世紀以降の英語史に社会言語学な風味を加える魅力的なスパイスくらいの扱いだった.しかし,共同体の言語に対する1つの態度としての規範主義は,それ自体が言語変化の規模,速度,方向に影響を及ぼしう要因でもある.この理解の上に,新たな英語史を記述することができるし,その必要があるのではないか,と著者は強く説く.この主張は,とりわけ第2章 "Prescriptivism's lessons: scope and 'the history of English'" で何度となく繰り返されている.そのうちの1箇所を引用しよう.

When I began this project, I was not expecting to end up asking one of the most fundamental scholarly questions one can ask in the field of history of English studies. But examining prescriptivism as a real sociolinguistic factor in the history of English raises the question: What does it mean to tell the "linguistic history" of "the English language"? Or, to put it more prescriptively, what should it mean to tell the history of the English language? Attention to prescriptivism in the telling of language history gives significant weight to writing, ideologies, and consciously implemented language change. In so doing, it highlights some inconsistencies within the field about the focus of study, about what falls within the scope of "linguistic" history.
   Re-examining the scope of the linguistic history of English encompasses at least three major issues . . .: the relative importance of language attitudes and ideologies in understanding a language's history; the relative importance of the written and spoken versions of the language in constituting "the English language" whose history is being told; and the relative importance of change above and below speakers' conscious awareness (to use standard terminology in the field) in constituting language change. (42--43)

 Curzan (48) は,第2段落にある3つの観点を次のように換言しながら,新しい英語史記述の軸として提案している.

 ・ The history of the English language encompasses metalinguistic discussions about language, which potentially have real effects on language use.
 ・ The history of the English language encompasses the development of both the written and the spoken language, as well as their relationship to each other.
 ・ The history of the English language encompasses linguistic developments occurring both below the level of speakers' conscious awareness --- what is sometimes called "naturally" --- and above the level of speakers' conscious awareness.


 ・ Curzan, Anne. Fixing English: Prescriptivism and Language History. Cambridge: CUP, 2014.

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