#2545. Wardhaugh の社会言語学概説書の目次[toc][sociolinguistics][hel_education]


 目次を掲げるシリーズ (toc) に,社会言語学を追加したい.今回は,Wardhaugh の社会言語学概説書より.各章末に "Further Reading" の節がついているが,以下では軒並み省略した.うまくできている目次というのは全体が体系的で,章節名もそのままキーワードとなっているので,暗記学習に適している.

   1 Introduction
      Knowledge of Language
      Language and Society
      Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language
      Methodological Concerns

Part I Languages and Communities

   2 Languages, Dialects, and Varieties
      Language or Dialect?
      Regional Dialects
      Social Dialects
      Styles, Registers, and Beliefs

   3 Pidgins and Creoles
      Lingua Francas
      Distribution and Characteristics
      From Pidgin to Creole and Beyond

   4 Codes
      Bilingualism and Multilingualism

   5 Speech Communities
      Intersecting Communities
      Networks and Repertoires

Part II Inherent Variety

   6 Language Variation
      Regional Variation
      The Linguistic Variable
      Social Variation
      Data Collection and Analysis

   7 Some Findings and Issues
      An Early Study
      New York City
      Norwich and Reading
      A Variety of Studies

   8 Change
      The Traditional View
      Some Changes in Progress
      The Process of Change

Part III Words at Work

   9 Words and Culture
      Taboo and Euphemism

   10 Ethnographies
      Varieties of Talk
      The Ethnography of Speaking

   11 Solidarity and Politeness
      Tu and Vous
      Address Terms

   12 Talk and Action
      Speech Acts

   13 Gender
      Possible Explanations

   14 Disadvantage
      Codes Again
      African American English
      Consequences for Education

   15 Planning
      A Variety of Situations
      Further Examples
      Winners and Losers

 ・ Wardhaugh, Ronald. An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. 6th ed. Malden: Blackwell, 2010.

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