#2511. 動詞の目的語として不定詞を取るか,動名詞を取るか (1)[gerund][infinitive][verb][phrasal_verb]




 この問題について調べてゆく手始めとして,現代英語の状況をまとめておきたい.まずは,Quirk et al. (§16.38--40) を参照して,目的語として不定詞を取ることのできる動詞を,意味範疇ごとに区分しながら一覧する.頭に * 記号の付されている動詞は,動名詞を取ることもできるものである.また,各行でセミコロンの後にある動詞は,名詞目的語を取る場合に前置詞を要するものである.

[ 不定詞を取る動詞 ]

 (i) *dread, *hate, *like, *loathe, *love, *prefer; long [for], ache [for], aim [for], aspire [to], burn [for], burst [for], (not) care [for], clamour [for], itch [for], yearn [for]
 (ii) *begin, *cease, *commence, *continue, *start;
 (iii) *forget, *remember, *regret; *bother [about], condescend [to], *delight [in], *hesitate [about]
 (iv) *choose, hope, *intend, *mean, *need, *plan, *propose, *want, wish;
 (v) deign, *disdain, *help, *scorn, *venture
 (vi) ask, beg, decline, demand, offer, promise, refuse, swear, undertake, vow; agree [to/on/about], consent [to]
 (vii) affect, claim, *profess; pretend [to]
 (viii) *afford, *attempt, contrive, endeavour, fail, learn, manage, neglect, omit, *try; strive [for], seek [for]
 (ix) *arrange [for], *decide [on], *resolve [on], *prepare [for], *serve [for]

 次に,動名詞を取る動詞を一覧する.頭に * 記号の付されている動詞は,不定詞を取ることもできるものである.(vi) は前置詞を伴う動詞,(v) は句動詞,(vi) は前置詞を伴う句動詞である.

[ 動名詞を取る動詞 」

 (i) (can't) bear, begrudge, detest, dislike, *dread, *enjoy, (not) fancy, *hate, *like, *loathe, *love, (not) mind, miss, *regret, relish, resent, (can't) stand
 (ii) *cease, *commence, *continue, quit, resume, *start, stop
 (iii) admit, avoid, confess, consider, deny, deserve, discourage, envisage, escape, *forget, (can't) help, imagine, involve, justify, *need, permit, *propose, recall, recommend, *remember, repent, require, risk, save, *try, *want
 (iv) bank on, count on, decide on, delight in, play at, resort to, see about, shrink from
 (v) break off, give up, leave off, put off, take up
 (vi) do away with, get around to, go in for, look forward to


 ・ Quirk, Randolph, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, and Jan Svartvik. A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. London: Longman, 1985.

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