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 今年もこの時期がやってきた.American Dialect Society による 2015年の The Word of the Year が1月8日に発表された.今年の受賞は,singular "they" である.

They was recognized by the society for its emerging use as a pronoun to refer to a known person, often as a conscious choice by a person rejecting the traditional gender binary of he and she.
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   The use of singular they builds on centuries of usage, appearing in the work of writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Jane Austen. In 2015, singular they was embraced by the Washington Post style guide. Bill Walsh, copy editor for the Post, described it as "the only sensible solution to English's lack of a gender-neutral third-person singular personal pronoun."
   While editors have increasingly moved to accepting singular they when used in a generic fashion, voters in the Word of the Year proceedings singled out its newer usage as an identifier for someone who may identify as "non-binary" in gender terms.
   "In the past year, new expressions of gender identity have generated a deal of discussion, and singular they has become a particularly significant element of that conversation," Zimmer said. "While many novel gender-neutral pronouns have been proposed, they has the advantage of already being part of the language."

 なぜ今さら singular they がという気がしないでもなかったが,上の記事と合わせて Wordorigins.org: ADS Word of the Year for 2015 の記事を読んでみて合点がいった.単に性別を問わない単数の一般人称代名詞としての they の用法はここ数十年間で確かに認知されてきており,とりわけ2015年を特徴づける語法というわけではないが,男女という性別の二分法そのものに疑問を呈するシンボル (nonbinary identifier) として,昨年,焦点が当てられたという.テレビ番組などで transgender の話題が多く取り上げられ,"nonbinary identifier" としての they の使用が目立ったということだ.なお,singular they は,MOST USEFUL カテゴリーでも受賞している.時代のキーワードであることが,特によくわかる受賞だった.
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 過去の WOY の受賞については,woy を参照.

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