#2243. カナダ英語とは何か?[variety][canadian_english][bilingualism][language_planning][sociolinguistics][history][sobokunagimon]


 昨日の記事「#2242. カナダ英語の音韻的特徴」 ([2015-06-17-1]) でカナダ英語の特徴の一端に触れた.カナダ英語とは何かという問題は,変種 (variety) を巡る本質的な問題を含んでいる (cf. 「#415. All linguistic varieties are fictions」 ([2010-06-16-1]),「#1373. variety とは何か」 ([2013-01-29-1]),「#2116. 「英語」の虚構性と曖昧性」 ([2015-02-11-1]),「#2241. Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles」 ([2015-06-16-1])) .Brinton and Fee (439) は,カナダ英語の概説を施した章の最後で,カナダ英語とは何かという問いについて,次のような回答を与えている.

Canadian English is the outcome of a number of factors. Canadian English was initially determined in large part by Canada's settlement by immigrants from the northern United States. Because of the geographical proximity of the two countries and the intertwining of their histories, economic systems, international policies, and print and especially television media, Canadian English continues to be shaped by American English. However, because of the colonial and postcolonial history of the British Empire, Canadian English is also strongly marked by British English. The presence of a long-standing and large French-speaking minority has also had an effect on Canadian English. Finally, social conditions, such as governmental policies of bilingualism, immigration, and multiculturalism and the politics of Quebec nationalism, have also played an important part in shaping this national variety of English.

 これまでにゼミで指導してきた卒業論文をみても,日本人英語学習者のなかには,カナダ英語(そして,オーストラリア英語,ニュージーランド英語)に関心をもつ者が少なくない.英米の2大変種に飽き足りないということもあるかもしれないが,日本人はこれらの国が基本的に好きなのだろうと思う.そのわりには,国内ではこれらの英語変種の研究が少ない.Canadian English は,社会言語学的にもっともっと注目されてよい英語変種である.

 ・ Brinton, Laurel J. and Margery Fee. "Canadian English." The Cambridge History of the English Language. Vol. 6. Cambridge: CUP, 2001. 422--40 .

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