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 Hughes (xvii--viii) は,著書 A History of English Words で,語彙史と辞書史を念頭に置いた,外面史を重視した英語史年表を与えている.略年表ではあるが,とりわけ語彙史,辞書との関連が前面に押し出されている点で,著者の狙いが透けて見える年表である.

410Departure of the Roman legions
c.449The Invasion of the Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians
597The Coming of Christianity
731Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People
787The first recorded Scandinavian raids
871--99Alfred King of Wessex
900--1000Approximate date of Anglo-Saxon poetry collections
1016--42Canute King of England, Scotland and Denmark
1066The Norman Conquest
c.1150Earliest Middle English texts
1204Loss of Calais
1362English restored as language of Parliament and the law
1370--1400The works of Chaucer, Langland and the Gawain poet
1384Wycliffite translation of the Bible
1476Caxton sets up his press at Westminster
1525Tyndale's translation of the Bible
1549The Book of Common Prayer
1552Early canting dictionaries
1584Roanoke settlement of America (abortive)
1590--16610Shakespeare's main creative period
1603Act of Union between England and Scotland
1604Robert Cawdrey's Table Alphabeticall
1607Jamestown settlement in America
1609English settlement of Jamaica
1611Authorized Version of the Bible
1619First Arrival of slaves in America
1620Arrival of Pilgrim fathers in America
1623Shakespeare's First Folio published
1649--60Puritan Commonwealth: closure of the theatres
1660Restoration of the monarchy
1667Milton's Paradise Lost
1721Nathaniel Bailey's Universal Etymological English Dictionary
1755Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language
1762--94Grammars published by Lowth, Murray, etc.
1765Beginning of the English Raj in India
1776Declaration of American Independence
1788Establishment of the first penal colony in Australia
1828Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language
1884--1928Publication of the Oxford English Dictionary
1903Daily Mirror published as the first tabloid
1922Establishment of the BBC
1947Independence of India
1957--72Independence of various African, Asian and Caribbean states
1961Third edition of Webster's Dictionary
1968Abolition of the post of Lord Chancellor
1989Second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary

 著書を読んだ後に振り返ると,著者の英語史記述に対する姿勢,英語史観がよくわかる.年表というのは1つの歴史観の表現であるなと,つくづく思う.これまで timeline の各記事で,英語史という同一対象に対して異なる年表を飽きもせずに掲げてきたのは,その作者の英語史観を探りたいがためだった.いろいろな年表を眺めてみてください.

 ・Hughes, G. A History of English Words. Oxford: Blackwell, 2000.

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