#1897. "futhorc" の acrostic[runic][word_play][acronym][oe][alphabet][alliteration]


 「#1875. acrostic と折句」 ([2014-06-15-1]) の記事で,現代英語と日本語から acrostic なる言葉遊びの例をみたが,古英語にも acrostic の詩がある.The Rune Poem と呼ばれる6節からなる詩で,各節の開始文字を取り出すと,アングロサクソン系ルーン文字一式の呼称である "FUÞORC" という単語が浮かび上がる(「#1006. ルーン文字の変種」 ([2012-01-28-1]) を参照).Crystal (13) より,The Rune Poem を味読しよう.各詩行の頭韻 (alliteration) も規則的である.

Feoh byþ frofur   fira gehwylcum---Wealth is a joy to every man---
sceal ðeah manna gehwylc   miclun hyt dælan  but every man must share it well
gif he wile for Drihtne   domes hleotan.  if he wishes to gain glory in the sight of the Lord.
Ur byþ anmod 7 oferhyrned,Aurochs is fierce, with gigantic horns,
felafrecne deor,   feohteþ mid hornum,  a very savage animal, it fights with horns,
mære morstapa:   þæt is modig wuht!  a well-known moor-stepper: it is a creature of courage!
Þorn byþ ðearle scearp,   ðegna gehwylcumThorn is very sharp, harmful to every man
anfeng ys yfyl,   ungemetun reþe  who seizes it, unsuitably severe
manna gehwylcun   ðe him mid resteð.  to every man who rests on it.
Os byþ ordfruma   ælcre spræce,Mouth is the creator of all speech,
wisdomes wraþu   and witena frofur  a supporter of wisdom and comfort of wise men,
and eorla gehwam   eadnys and tohiht.  and a blessing and hope to every man.
Rad byþ on recyde   rinca gehwylcumJourney is to every warrior in the hall
sefte, and swiþhwæt   ðam ðe sitteþ onufan  pleasant, and bitingly tough to him who sits
meare mægenheardum   ofer milpaþas.  on a mighty steed over the mile-paths.
Cen byþ cwicera gehwam   cuþ on fyre,Torch is to every living thing known by its fire;
blac and beorhtlic,   byrneþ oftust  bright and brilliant, it burns most often
ðær hi æþelingas   inne restaþ.  where the princes take their rest within.

 ・ Crystal, David. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language. 2nd ed. Cambridge: CUP, 2003.

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