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 「#485. 語源を知るためのオンライン辞書」 ([2010-08-25-1]) で触れたが,American Heritage Dictionary of the English Dictionary, 4th ed. (AHD) とその他の辞書に基づいた The Free Dictionary というオンライン辞書がある.AHD は,アメリカの辞書らしく百科事典的な情報や視覚資料が豊富で,私もよく使うお気に入りの辞書だ.紙版は大型だが,読む辞書としてお薦めである.(なお,The Free Dictionary EncyclopediaArticle of the Day というフィードもお気に入り.)
 特に注目したいのが,Notes と呼ばれるコラム的な記事が充実していることだ.Usage Notes, Synonym Notes, Word Histories, Our Living Language, Regional Notes といった5種類の Notes が,延べ1,700以上,辞書中にちりばめられている.以下では,取りこぼれもあるとは思われるが,その大多数へのリンクを拾い出した.長いリストなので,ジャンプのための目次を挙げておく.

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[ Usage Notes ]

!Kung, -ee, -ess, -wise, .gov, a, A.M., aberrant, able, about, absolute, absolutely, accessory, acquiesce, act, acumen, ad hominem, admission, adopt, advance, advise, affect, affinity, agenda, aggravate, ain't, alibi, all, all right, alleged, allude, alongside, also, alternative, although, altogether, alumnus, Amerasian, Amerindian, and, and/or, Anglo, anticipate, antidote, anxious, any, anyone, apparent, archetype, as, as far as, Asian, Asiatic, assure, author, awhile, backward, bad, bait, baleful, banal, barbarism, barbiturate, be, bear, because, behalf, berdache, besides, best, between, bi-, black, Black English, blatant, boast, both, bring, but, callous, can, cannot, capital, careen, celebrant, celibate, center, certain, challenged, Chicano, child-directed speech, claustrophobic, cohort, collective noun, color, colored, compact disk, compare, complected, complement, complete, comprise, conflicted, contact, contemporary, continuance, contrast, controller, convince, council, couple, craft, credential, credible, crescendo, criterion, critique, culture, czar, dare, data, deaf, debut, deceptively, decimate, definite, demagogue, denote, depend, deprecate, dialogue, different, dilemma, disabled, discomfit, disingenuous, disinterested, disinvent, distinct, dive, domestic partner, double negative, doubt, dour, drunk, due to, each, each other, either, elder, else, empower, enervate, enormity, enthuse, envelope, epicenter, epithet, equal, err, escape, Eskimo, Eurasian, every, everyplace, except, exceptionable, fact, factoid, farther, February, few, finalize, First Nation, firstly, flammable, flaunt, flotsam, follow, foot, foregone, former, formidable, forte, fortuitous, founder, fulsome, fun, gambit, gay, gender, General American, get, glamour, good, gourmet, government, graduate, graffito, grieve, group, grow, handicapped, hang, harass, hardly, harebrained, have, he, headquarter, headquarters, healthy, hegemony, height, help, herb, hero, Hispanic, historic, hoi polloi, holocaust, homosexual, hopefully, host, however, hyphenated, I, identical, identify, if, impact, impeach, important, impracticable, include, Indian, individual, infer, infinite, infrastructure, input, insignia, intense, interface, intrigue, intuit, Inuit, ironic, irregardless, its, Jew, Jewess, kabbalah, Kanaka, kilometer, knot, kudos, lack, lady, late, Latina, lay, leave, legend, liable, lifestyle, light, like, likely, literally, literate, loan, look, majority, man, master, masterful, materialize, mean, medium, men, methodology, mid-, migrate, minimal, mistress, momentarily, month, moot, Ms., mute, mutual, myriad, myself, native, Native American, nauseous, need, neither, Net, none, nonstandard, nonwhite, nor, not, nothing, nuclear, number, oblivious, octoroon, of, off, officiate, often, old, on, one, only, or, oriental, ought, over-, pair, paradigm, parameter, participle, party, pass, people, percent, percentage, perfect, periodic, permit, person, peruse, phenomenon, pill bug, plead, plus, politics, poor, possessed, practicable, practically, precipitate, premiere, preposition, presently, principal, prioritize, process, protagonist, prove, quarter, queer, quick, quote, race, rarely, rather, redundancy, regard, replete, repulse, responsible, restive, sacrilegious, safe sex, said, salutation, same, saving, scarcely, schism, Scottish, seasonal, series, service, set, shall, she, short-lived, should, slow, sneak, so, so-called, someday, sometime, sonorous, soon, split infinitive, Standard English, status, staunch, stomp, stratum, strength, such, suffer, than, that, themed, there, they, this, Three Age system, thusly, tight, till, together, too, tortuous, toward, transpire, try, un-, unaware, unexceptionable, unique, utilize, various, verbal, very, victual, virtual, wake, want, way, we, wean, web, website, well, what, whatever, when, whence, where, which, who, whose, why, wish, with, wreak, Xmas, ye, yet, zoology

[ Synonym Notes ]

ability, abolish, abstinence, abuse, accidental, accompany, acknowledge, active, adapt, admonish, adulterate, advance, adventurous, advice, advise, affair, affect, affectation, afflict, afraid, ageless, agitate, agree, aim, airy, allocate, alone, amateur, ambiguous, ambush, amenity, amiss, amuse, analyze, ancestor, anger, angry, announce, annoy, answer, anxiety, apology, apparent, appear, appendage, applaud, appoint, appreciate, apprehend, appropriate, approve, arbitrary, argue, argument, argumentative, arrange, art, artificial, ask, assent, assistant, attack, attribute, authentic, authorize, average, aware, band, banish, banter, bargain, barrage, base, baseless, batter, bear, beat, beautiful, beg, begin, beginning, behavior, belief, belligerent, bend, beneficial, benefit, benevolent, besiege, bet, bias, binge, bite, bitter, blackball, blackout, blame, blameworthy, blast, blemish, blink, block, bloom, blunder, boast, bodily, boil, book, boor, border, boring, botch, branch, brave, brawl, breach, break, breeze, bright, broach, broad-minded, brood, brush, bulge, bulwark, burden, burdensome, burn, business, busy, cadge, calculate, call, calm, campaign, care, careful, careless, caress, caricature, catch, cause, celebrity, center, certain, certainty, chafe, chance, charge, charm, chief, choice, chronic, circumference, citizen, claim, clean, clear, clever, cliché, clothe, coagulate, cold, collision, comfort, comfortable, comment, commit, common, complete, complex, conceit, condemn, conduct, confidence, confirm, conflict, confuse, consider, contain, contaminate, contemporary, continual, convert, convey, cool, correct, corrupt, count, crisis, criticize, crowd, crude, cruel, crush, cry, cure, curious, dark, daze, dead, decay, deceive, decide, decision, decisive, decrease, decry, defeat, defend, defer, defy, degrade, delicate, delicious, demand, demote, deny, dependent, deplete, depressed, describe, desire, despise, despondent, development, deviation, devote, dexterous, dialect, dictate, dictatorial, differ, difference, difficulty, dip, dirty, disadvantage, disappear, discord, discourage, discover, discuss, disguise, disgust, dishonest, dismay, dismiss, display, disposition, dissuade, distinct, distort, distribute, doctrine, dominant, dry, dull, earn, easy, eat, echo, effect, effective, eject, elaborate, element, elevation, eliminate, embarrass, emphasis, empty, enclose, encourage, endanger, enemy, engagement, enmity, enormous, enrapture, envy, equipment, erase, escape, estimate, estrange, evoke, exaggerate, example, excel, excessive, existence, expect, explain, explicit, expressive, extemporaneous, extricate, fair, faithful, faithless, fantastic, fashion, fashionable, fast, fasten, fat, fatal, favorable, fawn, fear, feat, feeling, female, fertile, fidelity, field, figure, flagrant, flash, flexible, flirt, flock, flourish, flow, follow, foolish, forbid, force, foreign, foretell, forgive, form, forte, found, fragile, fragrance, frank, freedom, frighten, frown, function, furnish, futile, gather, gaudy, gaze, general, gesture, ghastly, giddy, glad, glib, gossip, gracious, grand, graphic, grieve, gruff, guide, habit, hamper, handle, happen, happy, harass, hard, harden, haste, hateful, healthy, heap, heavy, help, heritage, hesitate, hide, hinder, honor, humane, idea, ideal, imagination, imitate, immaterial, impetuous, importance, impression, improper, improve, inactive, incalculable, incisive, incline, include, increase, indicate, indispensable, infinite, inflexible, injustice, innate, inquiry, insanity, instinctive, insubordinate, intelligent, intense, intention, interfere, intimidate, introduce, irrelevant, isolate, item, jealous, jerk, join, joke, judge, justify, keep, kind, knowledge, lack, large, last, latent, lazy, lean, learned, lethargy, letter, level, liberal, lie, lift, likeness, limit, limp, living, logical, loose, loud, love, lure, luxury, makeshift, male, malign, malleable, manipulate, mark, mature, living, logical, mercy, method, meticulous, mind, miscellaneous, mix, mixture, moderate, moment, monopolize, mood, moral, morale, moving, multitude, muscular, mysterious, naive, native, nautical, neat, negligent, new, news, noise, noted, noticeable, nuance, nurture, object, oblige, observe, obstacle, obstinate, occurrence, offend, offensive, offer, old, opinion, opportunity, oppose, opposite, orderly, origin, outline, overthrow, pacify, pain, palliate, pamper, partner, passion, pathetic, patience, pause, pedantic, penitence, pensive, perceptible, perfect, perform, period, periodic, permission, persuade, phase, pity, plain, plan, plausible, please, plentiful, poisonous, polite, poor, possible, posture, practice, praise, predicament, predict, predilection, preliminary, presume, prevailing, prevent, produce, proficient, profuse, promise, proportion, propose, proud, provoke, prudence, pull, punish, pure, push, puzzle, quality, qualm, quibble, range, reach, real, reap, reason, recede, reciprocate, reckless, recover, refer, refrain, refuse, regard, regret, relevant, reliable, relieve, religious, relinquish, rely, remember, reparation, repeat, replace, represent, resort, responsible, restrain, revere, reverse, revive, rich, ridicule, right, rise, rival, room, rough, rude, ruin, rural, sad, sarcastic, satisfy, save, saying, scatter, scold, secret, see, seem, send, sensuous, sentimental, separate, series, serious, severe, shade, shake, shameless, shapeless, sharp, shelter, shorten, shout, show, showy, shrewd, shy, sign, silent, sinister, slant, sleek, slide, sloppy, slow, small, smell, social, solitude, solve, sour, spacious, sparing, speak, speed, spend, spontaneous, stain, standard, state, stay, steal, steep, stem, stench, stiff, still, stoop, stop, strange, streak, strength, subject, substance, sufficient, suggest, summit, superfluous, supervise, support, supposed, sure, surprise, surrender, surround, swerve, swing, tact, tardy, task, taste, teach, tear, teem, temporary, tend, tendency, theoretical, think, think, tight, tire, tireless, tool, touch, treat, trial, trivial, trouble, trust, truth, turn, ugly, uncertainty, unctuous, unfortunate, unruly, unspeakable, urgent, use, usual, vain, valid, vent, versatile, vertical, victory, vigor, vociferous, voluntary, voracious, wander, waste, way, weak, weird, wet, whole, wile, wit, wonder, wordy, work, yield, young, zest

[ Word Histories ]

abacus, abracadabra, accolade, acorn, adder, adolescent, agnostic, alcohol, Allegheny River, alligator, amateur, Amazon, an, anesthesia, appendicitis, arena, arrowroot, artery, artichoke, Aryan, asparagus, assassin, automatic, avocado, baby-sit, badger, ballyhoo, banquet, barnacle, bayonet, beef, belfry, berserk, Betelgeuse, bigot, bless, Bolshevik, book, boomerang, boycott, Brazil, brickbat, broker, buccaneer, buffalo, bumpkin, bury, butterfly, bylaw, Canada, canter, cappuccino, caricature, carouse, casino, caterpillar, caviar, chagrin, chameleon, chaperon, check, Chicago, china, chivalry, chortle, churl, ciao, circus, cleric, cockroach, codex, cologne, comet, comrade, coroner, cot, coupon, coward, crayfish, croissant, crucial, cuckold, cushy, cute, cynic, dandelion, debunk, deer, delta, dervish, desert, diabetes, diatribe, digitalis, dinner, dirge, ditto, do-gooding, Don River, drench, dress, dungeon, dynamite, easel, economy, edit, eleven, empty, encyclopedia, English, ennui, enthusiasm, erudite, ethnic, eunuch, exorcise, fascism, fear, fee, fellow, fey, fiction, film, fire, fizzle, flunky, fool, fornication, fraction, freeze, friend, fuck, funky, garage, gauntlet, geezer, gerrymander, giddy, glitch, goatee, goodbye, gorilla, Gothic, grass widow, Greenland, gremlin, gringo, guillotine, hall, hamburger, harlot, hassle, haywire, hectic, helicopter, hell, helpmate, hex, high muckamuck, hobnob, holocaust, hooker, Hoosier, hubbub, husband, iconoclast, ilk, impeach, industry, inkling, interloper, internecine, island, item, janitor, Japan, jaunty, junk, kangaroo, ketchup, kidnap, kiosk, kith and kin, laconic, landscape, larva, lava, lemon, leprechaun, lieutenant, limbo, lingo, lion, loaf, lobster, long-lived, lucre, macabre, maharajah, malaprop, mannequin, mantis, marshal, mascot, mattress, mealy-mouthed, Melba toast, menu, mesmerism, metal, midwife, milquetoast, Minnesota, misericord, Mississippi, modern, mortgage, mosquito, Muse, mutt, namby-pamby, nap, naughty, neighbor, nerd, nest, New Jersey, noise, nonchalant, numb, OK, ombudsman, one, opossum, orange, orgy, oscillate, otorhinolaryngology, Ouse River, outlaw, oyez, Pakistan, pal, pant, paradise, pariah, pay, peeping Tom, penthouse, period, petard, Philistine, pickle, pilot, plane, Platonic, plumber, Plymouth, poison, pollster, Pomerania, posh, posthumous, powwow, premise, pretzel, prison, prude, Pueblo, Punjab, Quaalude, quark, queen, queue, quiz, raid, rajah, rankle, rapt, read, reindeer, resent, rhinestone, Riot Act, robot, role, rose, roster, rune, sack, salad, sanction, sanguine, Sanskrit, sarcophagus, scan, scarce, scold, scuba, séance, seersucker, senile, serendipity, shadow, shambles, sherbet, short shrift, shyster, Singapore, slave, sleuth, slivovitz, soldier, soothsayer, Sophocles, south, speak, speed, spill, spoof, spree, stampede, stove, sunbeam, superman, surly, syphilis, taboo, tangerine, tattoo, tea, telephone, temple, testis, testy, Thames, theater, they, third, ticket, tin, tithe, toady, Tokyo, tomato, tooth, trek, trivial, true, tulip, tweed, tycoon, typhoon, umpire, underling, uranium, valentine, vegetable, vixen, vogue, vulgar, Wales, wallflower, war, water, Wednesday, went, werewolf, whiskey, whore, wigwam, window, winsome, worry, write, xylophone, Yankee, Zeus, zipper, zloty

[ Our Living Language ]

a-, agreement, all, as far as, ax, bad, basket case, be, breathe, call, cent, chill, comparative, cool, dig, downsize, dude, dumb, foot, geek, go, gung ho, hisself, historical present, hornswoggle, I'm, igg, it, izzard, knockout, like, me, might, mine, Ocracoke Island, of, plural, rap, redundancy, rent, right, schlock, sleigh, Smith Island, strike, trashed, were, za, zero copula

[ Regional Notes ]

absquatulate, agin, andiron, anymore, as, bare-naked, beignet, birth, bodacious, boughten, cayuse, chaw, chesterfield, chirren, clever, critter, damned, dogie, dope, dornick, dragonfly, drudge, everwhere, fair, faubourg, favor, feist, ferninst, fix, frosting, frying pan, gallery, goober, greasy, gum band, gunnysack, gutter, hey, highfalutin, holler, hosey, intervale, johnnycake, juke, kindling, krewe, krumkake, lagniappe, light bread, lightning bug, loblolly, luminaria, milk shake, mill, mozo, mud dauber, muffuletta, need, neutral ground, Old Scratch, old-field colt, olla, parking, pocosin, poke, pone, possum, powerful, preacher, purty, quoit, ramada, redd, reeling, run, scoot, shivaree, slatch, smart, so, spa, stateside, stob, stoop, submarine, summercater, tarnation, ted, teeter-totter, thataway, tit, tonic, tule, tumbleset, ugly, ukulele, vaquero, vum, wake, wanigan, whiffletree, woodchuck, yonder, you-all, you-uns

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