#1737. アメリカ州名の由来[onomastics][toponymy][etymology][map]


 「#1735. カナダ州名の由来」 ([2014-01-26-1]) と「#1736. イギリス州名の由来」 ([2014-01-27-1]) に続いて,今回はアメリカの州 (state) の名前の由来を訪ねる.まずは,州境の入った地図から.
Map of USA States


28American Indian
1Dutch (Rhode Island)
1from America's own history (Washington)

 では,Crystal (145) を参照して50州名の由来をアルファベット順に示そう.

AlabamaChoctaw "I open the thicket" (i.e. clears the land)
AlaskaInuit "great land"
ArizonaPapago "place of the small spring"
ArkansasSioux "land of the south wind people"
CaliforniaSpanish "earthly paradise"
ColoradoSpanish "red" (colour of the earth)
ConnecticutMohican "at the long tidal river"
Delawarenamed after English governor Lord de la Warr
FloridaSpanish "land of flowers"
Georgianamed after George II
HawaiiHawaiian "homeland"
IdahoShoshone "light on the mountain"
IllinoisAlgonquian via French "warriors"
IndianaEnglish "land of the Indians"
IowaDakota "the sleepy one"
KansasSioux "land of the south wind people"
KentuckyIroquois "meadow land"
Louisiananamed after Louis XIV of France
Mainenamed after a French province
Marylandnamed after Henrietta maria, queen of Charles I
MassachusettsAlgonquian "place of the big hill"
MichiganChippewa "big water"
MinnesotaDakota Sioux "sky-coloured water"
MississippiChippewa "big river"
MissouriAlgonquian via French "muddy waters" (?)
MontanaSpanish "mountains"
NebraskaOmaha "river in the flatness"
NevadaSpanish "snowy"
New Hampshirenamed after an English county
New Jerseynamed after Jersey (Channel Islands)
New Mexiconamed after Mexico (Aztec "war god, Mextli")
New Yorknamed after the Duke of York
North Carolinanamed after Charles II
North DakotaSioux "friend"
OhioIroquois "beautiful water"
OklahomaChoctaw "red people"
OregonAlgonquian "beautiful water" or "beaver place" (?)
Pennsylvanianamed after William Penn and Latin "woodland"
Rhode IslandDutch "red clay"
South Carolinanamed after Charles II
South DakotaSioux "friend"
TennesseeCherokee settlement name, unknown origin
TexasSpanish "allies"
UtahNavaho "upper land" or "land of the Ute" (?)
VermontFrench "green mountain"
Virginianamed after Elizabeth I, the "virgin queen"
Washingtonnamed after George Washington
West Virginianamed after Elizabeth I, the "virgin queen"
WisconsinAlgonquian "grassy place" or "beaver place" (?)
WyomingAlgonquian "place of the big flats"

(後記 2014/02/24(Mon):アメリカ州名の学習にはこちらをどうぞ.)

 ・ Crystal, David. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language. 2nd ed. Cambridge: CUP, 2003.

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