#1431. Gelderen の英語史概説書のリンク集[link]


 Gelderen の英語史概説書で言及されているウェブサイトのリンク集を作った.それぞれがどのようなサイトなのか,内容説明をつけている余力はなく,内容別に仕分けているわけでもないのだが,概説書で現われている順に抜き出したものなので,緩やかに時代順にはなっているはずである.このようなリンク集を作っておくと,後々けっこう役立つものなので,とりあえずの掲載.
 なお,Gelderen の英語史概説書のコンパニオンサイト History of English 自体にも有益なリンクが多数あるので,じっくり探ってみる価値はあるだろう.

 ・ Timeline of Britain's Prehistoric Past
 ・ Verbix -- Germanic languages: conjugate Old-English verbs
 ・ Ethnologue
 ・ World Wide Words
 ・ Shaw Phonetic Alphabet
 ・ The English Spelling Society
 ・ English Spelling Reform
 ・ The Great Vowel Shift
 ・ Phonetics: The Sounds of Spoken Language
 ・ UCLA Phonetics Lab Data
 ・ A Study of Some of the Most Commonly Misspelled Words
 ・ Origins of Modern Humans: Multiregional or Out of Africa?
 ・ Omniglot: Writing Systems & Language of the World
 ・ A Compendium of World-Wide Writing Systems from Prehistory to Today
 ・ Everything you ever wanted to know about Proto-Indo-European
 ・ Book of Kells Images
 ・ Old English Texts Transliterated
 ・ The Dictionary of Old English (DOE)
 ・ Runic alphabets
 ・ Audio Recordings of OE and ME Texts
 ・ OE Lessons
 ・ OE Grammar
 ・ The Electronic Introduction to Old English
 ・ Bosworth-Toller Dictionary
 ・ Diacritically-Marked Text of Beowulf facing a New Translation (with explanatory notes)
 ・ Beowulf Readings
 ・ Beowulf Translation
 ・ Thesaurus of Old English
 ・ Bright's Old English Glossary
 ・ The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
 ・ Old English Aerobics Anthology
 ・ Gelderen's Audio History of English
 ・ The Wanderer: e-Edition by Tim Romano. Swarthmore, PA.
 ・ Yorshire Dialect
 ・ Bede's account in Medieval Sourcebook
 ・ Ogden's Basic English
 ・ Middle English Texts Transliterated
 ・ Anthology of ME Literature
 ・ The Auchinleck Manuscript
 ・ Jane Zatta's Chaucer
 ・ Transcription and Manuscript of Sir Orfeo
 ・ Transcription and Notes of Sir Orfeo
 ・ Chaucer Studio
 ・ 2 Gawain Manuscript Images
 ・ 5 Ellesmere Manuscript Images
 ・ Milton Reading Room
 ・ The Complete Works of Marlowe
 ・ Beaumont and Fletcher Play List
 ・ Queen Elizabeth I of England: Selected Writing and Speeches
 ・ Edmund Coote's English School-maister (1596)
 ・ The evolution of English lexicography by James Augustus Henry Murray
 ・ Diary archive (Pepys' Diary)
 ・ Shakespearean Prompt-Books of the Seventeenth Century
 ・ Book Facsimiles: Internet Shakespeare Editions
 ・ Shakespeare's Early Editors
 ・ Shakespeare Authorship
 ・ Sixteenth Century Renaissance English Literature (1485--1603)
 ・ King Aflred's Boethius' English Translation
 ・ Letters from Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple
 ・ Eighteenth-Century E-Texts
 ・ Bartleby.com: Great Books Online -- Quotes, Poems, Novels, Classics and hundreds more
 ・ British National Corpus -- free
 ・ Sample Sound Files @ ICE-corpora.net
 ・ New Spelling
 ・ Scottish-Themed Audio Library
 ・ English Dialect Links
 ・ The Routes of English
 ・ Letters of delegates to Congress, 1774--1789, Volume 2, September 1775--December 1775
 ・ Johnson, Preface to the Dictionary
 ・ Selections from Johnson's Dictionary
 ・ Mencken, H. L. 1921. The American Language
 ・ Common Errors in English Usage
 ・ Oxford English Dictionary
 ・ British Accents and Dialects
 ・ Routes of English: Accents and Dialects
 ・ Varieties of English
 ・ A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
 ・ Computer History Museum
 ・ LearnEnglish by British Council
 ・ IDEA: International Dialects of English Archive
 ・ Speech Accent Archive
 ・ Australian Broadcast Corporation
 ・ Radio New Zealand International
 ・ Canadian raising and other oddities
 ・ World English: Listen to English around the World
 ・ Stories of the Dreaming -- Australian Museum
 ・ Wordorigins.org
 ・ British Slang Dictionary or English-to-American Dictionary
 ・ Jamaican Creole Texts
 ・ The Corpus of Written British Creole
 ・ Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics
 ・ Endangered languages home
 ・ American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI)
 ・ BBC NEWS: Census shows Welsh language rise
 ・ The Bologna Declaration
 ・ Tok Pisin -- Pidgin / English Dictionary
 ・ Concordance software: MonoConc and ParaConc
 ・ The University of Oxford Text Archive (OTA)
 ・ EModE and ModE collection
 ・ The Online Books Page -- EModE and ModE
 ・ Childes: Child Language Data Exchange System
 ・ Micase: Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English
 ・ Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
 ・ New Words in TV-series
 ・ BBC History
 ・ American Speech: A Quarterly of Linguistic Usage
 ・ Luciferous Logolepsy: Dragging obscure words into the light of day
 ・ Barbara Wallraff's Word Court

 ・ Gelderen, Elly van. A History of the English Language. Amsterdam, John Benjamins, 2006.

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