#1409. 生き残ったインク壺語,消えたインク壺語[inkhorn_term][loan_word][lexicology][emode][renaissance][latin][greek]


 昨日の記事「#1408. インク壺語論争」 ([2013-03-05-1]) ほか inkhorn_term の各記事で,初期近代英語期に大量に流入した古典語由来の小難しい借用語の話題を扱ってきた.「#478. 初期近代英語期に湯水のように借りられては捨てられたラテン語」 ([2010-08-18-1]) で挙げたように,当時は「インク壺語」と揶揄されながらも,現代にまで生き残った有用な語も多い.一方で,現代にまで伝わらなかった語も少なくない.今回は,Baugh and Cable (223--24, 226) から,生き残った語彙とほぼ死に絶えた語彙の例をさらに追加したい.

acme, allurement, allusion, anachronism, antipathy, antithesis, atmosphere, autograph, capsule, catastrophe, chaos, chronology, climax, crisis, criterion, democracy, denunciation, dexterity, disability, disrespect, dogma, emanation, emphasis, encyclopedia, enthusiasm, epitome, excrescence, excursion, expectation, halo, idiosyncrasy, inclemency, jurisprudence, lexicon, misanthrope, parasite, parenthesis, pathetic, pneumonia, scheme, skeleton, system, tactics, thermometer

abject, agile, anonymous, appropriate, caustic, conspicuous, critic, dexterous, ephemeral, expensive, external, habitual, hereditary, heterodox, impersonal, insane, jocular, malignant, polemic, tonic

adapt, alienate, assassinate, benefit, consolidate, disregard, emancipate, eradicate, erupt, excavate, exert, exhilarate, exist, extinguish, harass, meditate, ostrasize, tantalize


adminiculation (aid), appendance (appendage), assation (roasting), discongruity (incongruity), mansuetude (mildness)

aspectable (visible), eximious (excellent, distinguished), exolete (faded), illecebrous (delicate, alluring), temulent (drunk)

approbate (to approve), assate (to roast), attemptate (to attempt), cautionate (to caution), cohibit (to restrain), consolate (to console), consternate (to dismay), demit (to send away), denunciate (to denounce), deruncinate (to weed), disaccustom (to render unaccustomed), disacquaint (to make acquainted), disadorn (to deprive of adornment), disquantity (to diminish), emacerate (to emaciate), exorbitate (to stray from the ordinary course), expede (to accomplish, expedite), exsiccate (to desiccate), suppeditate (to furnish, supply)

 湯水の如き借用は実験的な借用ともいうことができる.実験的な性格は,現在も用いられている effective, effectual に加えて,effectful, effectuating, effectuous などがかつて使われていた事実からも知れるだろう.

 ・ Baugh, Albert C. and Thomas Cable. A History of the English Language. 5th ed. London: Routledge, 2002.

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