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 [2011-06-13-1]の Crystal 版,[2013-01-24-1]の Fennel 版,[2013-01-25-1]のフィシャク版に引き続き,英語史年表シリーズ.今回は,Gelderen の英語史概説書 (313--17) より抜き書き.概説書にしてもそうだが,年表も,何度も同じもの,違うものを眺めていると,発見があるものである.

8000 BC   Hunter-gatherers move across Europe also into what is now the British Isles
6500 BC   Formation of English Channel
6000 BC   Shift to farming
3000 BC   Stonehenge culture
2500 BC   Bronze Age in Britain
1000 BC   Migrations of Celtic people to Britain begins
600 BC   Iron Age
55 BC--54 BC   Expeditions by Caesar
43   Invasion by Claudius
43--47   South and East England brought under Roman control
50   London founded
70--84   Wales, Northern England, and Scotland under Roman control
100--200   Uprisings in Scotland
122   Hadrian Walls begun
150   Small groups of settlers from the continent
410   Romans withdraw
450   Hengest and Horsa come to Kent ('invited' to hold back the Picts)
455   Hengest rebels against Vortigern
477   Saxons in Sussex
495   Saxons in Wessex
527   Saxon kingdoms in Essex and Middlesex
550   Anglian kingdoms in Mercia, Northumbria, and East Anglia
560   Æthelberht becomes King of Kent
597   Augustine missionaries land in Kent and conversion to Christianity starts
794   Scandinavian attacks on Lindisfarne, Jarrow, Iona and subsequent conquest of Northumbria
865   Scandinavian conquest of East Anglia
871--899   Rule of King Alfred and establishment of the Danelaw
1016--1042   Rule of King Cnut and his heirs
1042--1066   Rule of King Edward (January 1066)
1066   Death of King Edward (January 1066)
1066   King Harold's defeat at Hastings and William of Normandy takes over (December 1066)
1066   William (of Normandy) becomes king (December 1066)
1095   First Crusade
1162   Becket is murdered
1169--1172   Conquest of Ireland
1204   King John loses Normandy to the French
1282--1283   Conquest of Wales
1290   Expulsion of Jews from England
1315--1316   Great Famine
1337--1453   The 100-year War
1349--1351   The Black Death, i.e. plague, kills one-third of the population
1362   Statute of Pleadings (legal proceedings in English)
1381   The Peasants' revolt
1382   Condemnation of Wycliff
1476   Introduction of the printing press by Caxton
1492   Columbus reaches the 'New World'
1497   Cabot reaches Newfoundland, Canada
1504   St John's, Newfoundland, established as the first British colony in North America
1509--1547   Reign of Henry VIII
1534   Act of Supremacy, English monarch becomes head of the Church of England
1536   Monasteries dissembled
1539   English bible in every church
1550   Population of England reaches 3 million
1558--1603   Queen Elizabeth I
1600   The East India Company is granted a charter
1607   Settlement at Jamestown
1611   The King James Bible (KJV)
1612   English presence in Bermuda and in India
1620   Pilgrim fathers establish colony in Plymouth
1624--1630   War between England and Spain
1626--1629   War between England and France
1627--1647   Settlements on Barbados and the Bahamas
1629   Charles I dissolves parliament
1642--1648   First and Second Civil War
1649   Charles I beheaded
1649   Charles II becomes king
1649   Jews officially admitted
1649--1655   Cromwell conquers Ireland
1655   English presence in Jamaica
1653--1660   Cromwell is 'Lord Protector'
1660   Charles II 'restored''
1660   Royal Society founded, to promote science
1670   Hudson Bay Company active
1670--1679   Colonization of West Africa
1688   The Glorious Revolution
1689--1702   Rule of William and Mary
1700   Population of England is 5 million
1707   Act of Union, uniting England and Scotland as the UK
1746   Battle of Culloden; subsequent repression of Scottish Gaelic
1755   Johnson's Dictionary
1759   Wolfe takes Quebec for England
1760--1850   Highland Clearances in Scotland, with resulting emigration and loss of Celtic
1763   Trading in Basra, Iraq
1765--1947   British rule over India
1773   Boston Tea Party
1775--1783   American War of Independence
1776   American Declaration of Independence
1780--1789   Colonies (of convicts) in Australia
1789   French Revolution
1789   George Washington first American president
1791   British colonies in Upper and Lower Canada
1803   Louisiana Purchase
1806   British take over the Cape Colony in South Africa
1806   Webster's Dictionary
1819--1824   Malacca and Singapore occupied by the British
1820--1829   Railroads in the US
1821--1823   Irish famine
1830--1839   Settlement of New Zealand
1834   Slavery abolished in the British Empire
1842   China cedes Hong Kong
1844   First telegraph
1837--1901   Reign of Queen Victoria
1853   Gadsden Purchase
1853   Japan opened to Western trade
1858   Decision to start the OED
1861--1865   American Civil War
1861   British colony in Nigeria
1862   British colony in Honduras
1865   Abolition of slavery in the United States of America
1869   Suez Canal opened
1876   Telephone invented
1884   Berlin Conference determines colonial power in Africa
1886   Annexation of Burma
1890--1899   Rhodesia and Uganda colonized in an attempt to control the Cape-to-Cairo corridor
1880--1902   Boer Wars and British conquest of South Africa
1898   American control over Hawaii, Philippines, and Puerto Rico
1898   Hong Kong and Territories leased to Britain for 99 years
1901   Death of Queen Victoria
1907   Hollywood becomes a filmmaking center
1914--1918   First World War
1916   Easter Uprising, leading to Irish independence in 1921
1918   Women (over 30) get the vote in Britain
1920   Kenya as British colony
1922   BBC starts
1928   OED appears (with supplement in 1933)
1931   Statute of Westminster (former British Dominions de fact independent); British Commonwealth
1939   photocopying invented
1939--1945   Second World war
1942   First computers
1945   United Nations founded
1946   Philippines independent
1947   The independence of India and Pakistan; and New Zealand
1948   Burma and Ceylon (Sri Lanka) independent
1949   NATO founded
1950--1953   Korean War
1951   First computers
1960   Nigeria becomes independent
1960   World population reaches 3 billion
1961--1975   Vietnam War
1963   Kenya becomes independent
1973   Britain joins European Union (confirmed in a 1975 referendum)
1980   CNN starts
1984   Apple PC
1990   Native American Languages Act
1990--1991   Gulf War
1990--1999   Internet becomes major communication tool
1999   World population reaches 6 billion
2000   OED online
2003   Iraq War
2003   In Wales, 20% speak Welsh, up 2.4% in 10 years

(後記 2013/03/18(Mon):同じ年表は Gelderen のコンパニオンサイトより,"Timeline" から閲覧できる.)

 ・ Gelderen, Elly van. A History of the English Language. Amsterdam, John Benjamins, 2006.

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