#955. 完璧な語呂合わせの2項イディオム[binomial][rhyme][corpus][coca][collocation][euphony][n-gram][suffix][proverb]


 [2011-12-06-1], [2011-12-07-1]の記事で,COCA ( Corpus of Contemporary American English ) の 3-gram データベースから取り出した,現代英語における頭韻を踏む2項イディオム (binomial) と脚韻を踏む2項イディオムの例を見てきた.分析するなかで,両リストのなかで重複する2項イディオムが散見されたので,取り出してみた.これぞ,頭韻と脚韻の両方を兼ねそなえた,完璧な語呂合わせとしての共起表現である.(検索結果を収めたテキストファイルはこちら.)整理した50表現を挙げよう.

Saturday and Sunday, personal and professional, himself or herself, quantity and quality, morbidity and mortality, quantitative and qualitative, security and stability, best and brightest, latitude and longitude, sixteenth and seventeenth, whenever and wherever, sensitivity and specificity, watching and waiting, majority and minority, basketball and baseball, fight or flight, ranting and raving, forties and fifties, cooperation and coordination, nature and nurture, pushing and pulling, tossing and turning, twisting and turning, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, skiers and snowboarders, communication and collaboration, cooking and cleaning, psychiatrists and psychologists, biggest and best, development and deployment, slipping and sliding, communication and cooperation, Dungeons and Dragons, heterosexual and homosexual, healthier and happier, grandmother and grandfather, stopping and starting, sixteen or seventeen, hooting and hollering, competence and confidence, stalactites and stalagmites, waxing and waning, positive and productive, reading and rereading, patience and perseverance, bedroom and bathroom, consultation and collaboration, going and getting, grandfather and grandmother, protection and promotion

 単なる語呂遊びというなかれ.上記の例は,音と意味の調和をいやおうなく感じさせ,2項の間に一種の必然性すら呼び起こすかのような,高度に修辞的な表現といえるだろう.fight or flight, nature and nurture, competence and confidence, positive and productive などは,単なる高頻度の共起表現であるという以上に,教訓的,ことわざ的ですらある.

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