#777. 英語史略年表[timeline][history][historiography]


 英語史年表は,どの概説書にも記載があるしオンラインでも見つけられる(例えば英語の歴史年表―前史・古英語期)が,本ブログとしての版も作成してゆこうと考えている.たたき台として,Crystal (298--300) の略年表を再現したものを掲げておく.その他,直接間接に英語史に関連する年表は timeline を参照.

449   Invasion by Angles, Saxons, and Jutes
450--480   Earliest runic inscriptions in Old English
597   Augustine brings Christianity to Kent
680   Approximate earliest date for the composition of Beowulf
700   Approximate dating of earliest Old English manuscripts
735   Death of the Venerable Bede
787   Viking raids begin
871   Alfred becomes King of Wessex
886   Danelaw boundaries settled
950--1000   Approximate dates of the main Old English poetry collections
1016--1042   Cnut and his sons reign
1066   Norman Conquest
1150--1200   Earliest texts in Middle English
1171   Henry II's invasion of Ireland
1204   France reconquers Normandy
1250--1300   Edward I's campaigns against the Welsh and Scots
1362   English first used at the opening of Parliament
1375--1400   Chaucer's main works written
1384   Wyclif's translation of the Bible
1400--1450   The Great Vowel Shift
1400--1600   Main period of older Scots literature
1476   Introduction of printing
1475--1650   Renaissance loan words into English
1549   Book of Common Prayer written
1560--1620   English plantation settlements in Ireland
1584   Roanoke settlement in America
1590--1616   Shakespeare's main works written
1600   East India Company established trading posts in India
1603   Act of Union of the crowns of England and Scotland
1604   Publication of Robert Cawdrey's A Table Alphabeticall
1607   First permanent English settlement in America
1609   First English settlement in the Caribbean
1611   Authorized Version of the Bible
1619   Arrival of first African slaves in North America
1620   Arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers in America
1623   First Folio of Shakespeare's plays published
1627   British established in Barbados
1655   British acquire Jamaica from Spain
1707   Union of the Parliaments of England and Scotland
1712   Jonathan Swift's proposal for an English Academy
1713   British control in eastern Canada recognized
1721   Publication of Nathaniel Bailey's Universal Etymological English Dictionary
1755   Publication of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language
1762   Publication of Robert Lowth's Short Introduction to English Grammar
1765--1947   British Raj in India
1776   American independence declared
1780--1800   First wave of emigration to Canada from the USA
1783   Loss of American colonies of Britain
1788   Establishment of first penal colony in Australia
1791   Establishment of Upper and Lower Canada
1794   Publication of Lindley Murray's English Grammar
1800--1910   Main period of European emigration to the USA
1802   Ceylon and Trinidad ceded to Britain
1803   Act of Union between Britain and Ireland
1806   British control established in South Africa
1808   Sierra Leone made colony
1814   Tobago, Mauritius, St Lucia and Malta ceded to Britain
1816   Colony of Bathurst (Gambia) established
1819   British established Singapore
1828   Publication of Noah Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language
1840   Official colony established in New Zealand
1842   Hong Kong ceded to Britain
1861   Lagos (Nigeria) established as colony
1865--1900   Movement of blacks to northern parts of the USA after the American Civil War
1867   Independence of Canada
1874   Gold Coast (Ghana) established as colony
1884--1928   Publication of the Oxford English Dictionary
1888--1894   British protectorates established in Kenya, Zanzibar, Uganda
1901   Independence of Australia
1907   Independence of New Zealand
1910   Union of South Africa established
1919   Tanganyika ceded to Britain
1922   Partition of Northern Ireland and Eire
1922   Establishment of the BBC
1925   Afrikaans given official status in South Africa
1931   British Commonwealth recognized
1947   Independence of India
1948   Independence of Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
1957   Independence of Ghana
1957--63   Independence of Malaysia
1960   Independence of Nigeria
1940--1975   Main period of immigration to Britain from Europe, Caribbean and Asia
1961   Independence of Sierra Leone and Cyprus
1962   Independence of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda
1963   Independence of Kenya
1964   Independence of Tanzania, Malawi, Malta, Zambia
1965   Independence of The Gambia, Singapore
1966   Independence of Guyana, Botswana, Lesotho, Barbados
1968   Independence of Mauritius, Swaziland, Nauru
1970--1984   Independence of possessions in Caribbean and Pacific
1972   Independence of Bangladesh
1972   First network e-mail sent
1975   Independence of Papua New Guinea
1977   Voyager spacecraft leaves with English message
1984   Independence of Brunei
1986   Independence of Marshall Islands
1988   CD-ROM of the Oxford English Dictionary
1990   Independence of Namibia
1991   Independence of the Federated States of Micronesia
1991   Implementation of the World Wide Web
1994   Independence of Palau
2000   Oxford English Dictionary goes online

 ・ Crystal, David. The English Language. 2nd ed. London: Penguin, 2002.
 ・ 寺澤 芳雄,川崎 潔 編 『英語史総合年表?英語史・英語学史・英米文学史・外面史?』 研究社,1993年.

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