#737. 構文の contamination[blend][contamination][syntax][superlative][bnc][corpus]


 [2011-01-17-1]blend混成語」を話題にした際に少々触れたが,類似した過程に contamination混交」がある.両者は意識的か否かという観点か区別されることがあるが,特に区別せず同様に用いられることもある.通常は語形成上の過程として捉えられるが,[2011-01-17-1]の記事で触れたように構文のレベルででも起こりうる.例えば,前の記事では,"Why did you do that for?" や "different than" を挙げた.
 Graddol を講読中に構文の contamination に出会った(赤字は引用者).

English is remarkable for its diversity, its propensity to change and be changed. This has resulted in both a variety of forms of English, but also a diversity of cultural contexts within which English is used in daily life. (5)

 ここでは,both . . . and . . .not only . . . but also . . . の構文が混交している.BNCweb より検索キーワード "both +** but also" で類例を探してみると,6例ほどが見つかった(赤字は引用者).

 - Ion Pacepa, Ceausescu's chief intelligence officer who defected in 1978, takes particular pleasure in his memoirs in exposing Stefan Andrei as both corrupt but also as well aware of the absurdity of the Ceausescus' pretensions, especially Elena's academic titles.
 - Their economy and population were both suffering, but also they were becoming wary of the Dzhungars' increasing strength.
 - In fitting statistical models to study relationships, it is important to take account of such hierarchies, both for technical reasons but also because influential factors can be present at any or all levels of aggregation.
 - The changes that have been introduced into South Africa [pause] forced upon the white minority government by both international pressure but also by the magnificent work at the A N C in Cosatu [pause] must be supported as well but we cannot treat South Africa as anything but a pariah [pause] a, a, a national pariah [pause] until we see one person one vote, and a black majority government in South Africa.
 - 'Committees' means both actual committees but also individuals or organisers listed as committees.
 - I mean that can be both pleasurable, but also make somebody feel uncomfortable.

 contamination は,共時的には話者の発話時に生じる2つの関連構文の混交として解釈されるが,これが共同体に広がってある程度の認知度を得ると,新しい構文として独立し定着することがある.そのような場合には,contamination は通時的な観点からアプローチすることができるだろう.以下は現代英語に見られる構文の contamination の例だが,これらがいつ頃に現われ,現在までにどの程度の認知度を得てきたかという問題は,英語史の問題である.

 (1) these kinds of things: these thingsthis kind of things の混交.
 (2) different than: different fromother than の混交.
 (3) different to: different fromopposed to の混交.similar to との類推とも考えられる.
 (4) cannot help but do: cannot help doingcannot but do の混交.
 (5) It is no good for us complaining about it.: It is no good for us to complain about it.It is no good we complaining about it. の混交.
 (6) no sooner . . . when: no sooner . . . thanscarcely . . . when の混交.
 (7) I am friends with him.: I am friendly with him.He and I are friends. の混交.
 (8) a man whom she thought was a murderer: a man who she thought was a murderera man whom she thought to be a murderer の混交.
 (9) the cleverest of all the other boys: cleverer than the other boysthe cleverest of all the boys の混交.

 調べてみるといろいろとあるようだが,(9) のような例は少なくないようで,石橋 (127) は次のようにコメントしている.研究材料としておもしろそうだ.

Sunday's action was the most brilliant and fruitful of any fought up to that date by the fighters of the Royal Air Force. [the most . . . of (all) + (more . . . than) any]---W. Churchill / This is the greatest error of all the rest. [the greatest . . . of (all) + (a greater . . . than) all the rest]---Sh., Mids. N. D. v. i. 250. 最後の例のように,最上級に修飾される名詞を,意味上はそれを含まないはずの「その他」の中に包括させた混交表現を,とくに包括最上級 (Inclusive superlative) と呼ぶことがある.その例は近代初期の英語にときどき見いだされる.

 ・ Graddol, David. The Future of English? The British Council, 1997. Digital version available at http://www.britishcouncil.org/learning-research-futureofenglish.htm
 ・ 石橋 幸太郎 編 『現代英語学辞典』 成美堂,1973年.

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