Yamato Consonant Cooccurrence Patterns

This website presents some of the results of a project on consonant co-occurrence restrictions found in Yamato Japanese from Koojien entries, developed by Shigeto Kawahara (UMass, Amherst), Hajime Ono (University of Maryland), and Kiyoshi Sudo (New York University). Our project aims to assess the consonant co-occurrence restriction patterns of Yamato Japanese. Portions of this project were presented at The 14th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference.

You can consult the the paper for methodological details.

Anybody who is interested is welcome to consult the charts presented on this website and use the data herein for academic purposes . If you present/publish your research using a part of or the whole data from this chart, please cite our project with the following reference information:

Kawahara, Shigeto, Hajime Ono, and Kiyoshi Sudo (2006) Consonant co-occurrence restrictions in Yamato Japanese. Japanese/Korean Linguistics 14: 27-38. Stanford: CSLI Publications

Links to Data Charts

O/E values based on identity classes (linear order abstracted away)
O/E values based on identity classes (linear order preserved)
Segment-by-segment O/E values
Co-occurrence patterns of non-adjacent consonants
O/E values of identical consonants (pdf)
List of CiCiCj verbal roots (txt. in Japanese)